How to Safely Remove Bee Hive in Your Property

Bees are beneficial pollinators. And they are important for ecosystem balance and health. Do not kill them. In fact, there are organizations worldwide working hard to stop the decline of honey bee numbers. However, bees can invade your home. And they pose a great risk to you and the members of your family.

It is hard to remove bee hive in your home. How do you remove the bee hive? Call professional bee hive removers. They get rid of the bees. And they do not kill them. Do not try to remove the beehive if you do not know what you are doing.

Here are the steps to take when removing beehive in your home.

1. Give the Bees Space

Bees sting, so do not provoke them. Some bee species sting when their queen or hive is threatened. To avoid bee sting, keep your distance. A swarm of bees gathers on a post, branch, or post. They surround the queen. Do not let your children play in that area.

If the beehive is outside, keep your children and pets inside. Keep them away from the bees. And if there is a beehive inside your home, isolate that area. Some people are sensitive to bee stings. And there are people who die from bee stings. So, leave the beehive alone if you cannot get rid of it immediately.

2. Do Not Block the Entry Points

Is the beehive inside your home? How are the bees entering your home? Bees enter into your home through holes that are a quarter of an inch or larger. Identify these entry points. But do not block them. why? Because the bees can try to escape into other rooms of your home. Get rid of the bees. Then, block the entry points.

3. Remove Bee-Attracting Structures

How do you avoid bees from nesting in your yard? Remove or reduce outdoor clutter. For example, unused law equipment or appliances found in your yard attract bees. How? Because they provide sufficient shelter for the bees.

Also, bees love open water sources such as leaking tanks or open fountains. Do not keep anything that attracts bees in your property. Eliminate all the structures that attract them.

4. Do Not Use Spray Insecticides or Traps to Remove Bee Hive

Do not catch the bees inside a trap. And do not spray the beehive. Anything can go wrong. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has banned the use of the common insecticides on bees. So, it is illegal to use these insecticides on bees.

What about traps? It is hard to get rid of a trap that is full of angry bees. And it even harder to capture all the bees inside a trap. The bees, that are not trapped in the trap, will attack you. Burning wood or paper under the beehive helps to chase bees from the beehive. But you must burn the paper or wood in the evening or at night.

5. Call a Professional to Handle Bee Removal

As you can see, it is hard to remove bee hive by yourself. Look for a local beekeeper. Some of these beekeepers do not charge money to get rid of bees in your property. Why? Because they keep bees for profitable purposes like honey, beeswax, or pollination.

Professional beekeepers do not kill bees. They use humane methods to get rid of the bees. And they help clean up after they remove the bee hive. And there are pest control companies that provide this service. Call them if you cannot find local beekeepers.

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